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Some of the reviews from my past Authority Scrapebox Packages:(click on the picture for detailed review)




You can also find reviews and feedback about my lists launched in 2011 on this forums:

February list on backlinksforum :

aero_mansoor: Review is not finished lol..I did a blast of 50K urls over night and I have 42K auto approved….that is 84% success rate  very well done.. Lovely packet..

Martin25: My review:

I tested all 211.000 urls using 20 connections, 90 seconds time out and 10 private proxies from yourprivateproxy.

From the first blast I’ve got about 160.000 succes posts. That is a rate of about 75%

I blasted the 50.000 failed urls one more time and I’ve got over 30.000 succes posts.

That’s a 90% succes rate for the entire list.

I tested with link checker ( 2 times) to see how many posted entires I actually got. From 190.000 succes, 160.000 entries found. I will try to post again this 30.000 not found entries and check for the backlinks.

The best thing is that I found several blog urls with only 5-6 comments per page and that’s a plus in my opinion.

I’m so happy that I paid only $30 for review copy and I got this huge number of backlinks.

I also tried the bonuses and they are great. I created my own edu blog in minutes.

Even if I paid only $30, the price of $49 for full copy is very low in my opinion.

Waiting for your new autoapprove list alaltaieri. I will surely buy it

Chris B. : ran the full list and ive had the highest success rate of good links from all the auto approve lists ive bought so far. very good list to buy!

February list on xrchat forums:

ebopixi bought both list from alaltaieri and the only thing that i can say about this list and the first one is that they are very good lists(just like he said). they have low obl and for me a great success rate! i used 20 private proxies with a 90 sec timeout on a 100Mb line! so..i am very happy with this list! thank you alaltaieri and sorry for the late review!

pebernd69:  Hello, i want to say to Everyone, this is an excellent List with about 80% Success posted with private proxys. The Bonus Material is also fantastic. I`ll buy the next List too.

January list on backlinksforum


I’m back with my review:

I used on fast poster mode 15 private proxies, 60 sec timeout and 25 connections. I imported the list, randomized it and extract almost 1600 random links.

I got an great succes rate from the first run

After this I verified how many links were actually auto-approved. About 80%I also scanned my found links for PR and I’ve found about 600 links PR0 to PR5 (a lot of pr 1 and pr 2). the rest were PR N/A

Last step, I scanned for the number of outbound links. About 70% of them had under 100 outbound links. But I also found sites heavily spamed (not so many though)
I’m very happy with the purchase because for $49 this is a steal. I bought from other IM forums this kind of lists with over $100

Mrizos: Let me know if you ever get another packet like this going again. Thx

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