May 11 Auto Approve List

Is time for a fresh Auto Approve Blog list for scrapebox.
(ASP#110 was launched today, May 11 2016)

You will get over 130.000 AA Links, almost 2000 Dofollow, and hundreds of edu&gov auto approve links.

Remember, these are 100% new links from unique domains I didn’t sold before in my previous packages.

Authority Scrapebox Package #110

130.940 Auto Approve Links from 7146 Unique Domains
4306 Dofollow Only Auto Approve Links
123 Edu&Edu.xx Auto Approev Urls
75 Gov&Gov.xx Auto Approve Urls

High PR Links (Page PR)

Google PR No Longer Available

Price of Authority Scrapebox Package#110 is $49

However you can get it with only $29 if you subscribe to my email list.

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