February Scrapebox Auto Approve List


February Scrapebox Auto Approve List

This packet contains:
8431 domains and about 211.000 autoapprove blogs with over 80% succes rate

Domains PR Break Down:

1 x PR8
6 x PR7
70 x PR6
172 x PR5
396 x PR4
642 x PR3
680 x PR2
570 X PR1

This are WordPress and Blogengine blogs mixed urls dofollow/nofollow. It’s a fresh list so you will not find any autoapprove blog from my previous list.

Everybody knows that blogs with hundreds or thousands of outbounds links are kind of useless. Well, like in my first list, the majority of this list domains have less than 100 outbounds links !

How to use Scrapebox for best results?

I used Scrapebox fast poster module using 10 private proxies,25-30 connections,90 seconds timeout

EXTRA TIP: From my experience and depending on your number of connections/private proxies, scrapeboxcan report false positives. That means scrapebox reported succes but actually didn’t make the post. So, after you first blast and after link checker select not found entries and blast them again. The list is fresh and tested several times and I can assure you that after this step “not found” entries will transform in posted entries.

Special Bonus 1: Distinct 1000 Dofollow Autoapprove Blogs. (80 domains – PR0 to PR6)830 blogs are with outbound links under 100 !

Special Bonus 2: I will give you a site where you can open your own edu blog student account. You can post a lot of articles on your personal blog from your account and enjoy the .edu backlink juice. You can also insert your site with anchor in your article. The account will be on a subdomain with PR5. The main edu domain is PR6.

Special Bonus 3: Make your own email on a .edu site (it’s not the same edu site from bonus 2).Your email will look like this: yourname@xxx.edu. What can you do with a edu email ? Well, I’m sure you tried to register on edu sites but you couldn’t do that. Why? Because for better students privacy the registration form required a email from edu domain.Public emails don’t work. Now you have your edu email.






Price for the entire pack is only $49

Starting with this list I wil offer loyalty discounts for existing customers. That means for those who already bought my first scrapebox autoapprove list the price is only $39. You just need to specify your paypal email that you used to buy my previous list

NOTE: I will be selling only 50 copies then Never Sold Again until I have a new list !


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