ASP#103 – December 150.000 Auto Approve List

Hi guys, didn't updated the site for couple of months. And not because I stopped launching new lists but before lists are sold out short time after I send them to my subscribers. Yes, I really sell limited copies :p

Anyway, is December already and ASP#103 was just launched few minutes ago. Another quality auto approve list with fresh links and lots of high pr, dofollow, edu&gov like you are used with in the last few years.

Authority Scrapebox Package #103
(launched on December 09)

150.218 Auto Approve Links from 5600 Unique Domains
1396 Dofollow Only Auto Approve Links
736 High PR Auto Approve Links
122 Edu&Eduxx Auto Approve Links
23 Gov&Govxx Auto Approve Links


High PR Links Breakdown (Page PR)

PR4 X 20
PR3 X 56
PR2 X 141
PR1 X 663

Regular price for Authority Scrapebox Package #103 is $49.

However you can download your copy with only $29 if you subscribe to my list.

Remember, 10 copies aaaaaaaand is gone. 🙂

And here are some fresh review from BHW Forum:

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