Rank Sites after Penguin 2.0. Recovery tip

Probably you know about latest google updates. The last one happened about 2 weeks ago. I’m talking about Penguin 2.0 update.  You also know about how this Penguin update it’s a big thing against spam and black hat techniques?

Well, that’s 100% false. Black hat spam still works. I’m talking about blog comments.

There are a lot of  discussions on blackhat SEO forums about crap sites  ranked on google first page after Penguin 2.0

These are basically short term sites. Monetize them until the next google major update. Google doesn’t update their algo every day. The sites which rank no#1 with just spam links are dead after the update but who cares…the site already made the money.

You don’t believe it ?

Ok, here is an monster keyword example. It’s a High Competitive one in US and UK.

short term payday loans

Go to google.co.uk, type it and check the first 10 results. You will notice that #3 is this site: shorttermloansyeehaw.dot co dot uk

Let’s look a little bit on that domain stats: Registered on: 28-May-2013 according to http://whois.domaintools.com


So, we have a fresh registered domain.(just few days after penguin 2.0 update rolled out)

Now let’s look a little bit after the backlinks:

Ahrefs site explorer and backlink checker shows about 39k backlinks.

MajesticSEO site exporer shows over 39.k backlinks:


Now let’s see what kind of backlinks are those. With almost 40k indexed links in 10 days this could only be scrapebox comments or xrumer profiles. But let’s see what are those backlinks coming from:

(Cannot see the picture? Click here for full image) 

Like you can see, almost all the backlinks are blog comments, posted probably with scrapebox.



So, why not register a fresh site, put some unique content and blast the hell out of it with blog comments(dripped or from single blast)?

You need a fresh AA list for this experiment? No problem, here is my latest list launched today, 10 June 2013.

*warning – I don’t recommend you to blast with scrapebox on your main site. Better register a new domain and rank for it. If don’t want to rank in this way you can use scrapebox blasts for your tier 2, tier 3 and indexing purposes.

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