Authority Scrapebox Package #11-Penguin Recovery Method,Auto Approve List,Dofollow and High PR

 Authority Scrapebox Package#11 is SOLD OUT. Make sure you subscribe here for massive discounts for my future lists(available only for subscribers).

Hi there. Today I launched Authority Scrapebox Package#11. Let’s see what you will get.

First of all I want you to tell you that this will be the last Auto Approve list with double discount 40% for my subscribers in order to try my penguin recovery method. So, get it while it’s fresh. Only 30 copies will be sold !

 Here is Authority Scrapebox Package #11
(launched on 26 July)


92.832 Auto Approve Links from 4735 Unique Domains
1989 High PR Auto Approve Urls
673 Dofollow Only Auto Approve Links
154 .EDU & .EDU.xx AA Urls
42 .GOV.xx AA Urls

High PR Urls breakdown:

PR5X 12
PR4X 29
PR3X 123
PR2X 553
PR1X 1272


Bonus: A list with over 500 generic keywords for beating the Penguin

Price for Authority Scrapebox Package#11(launched on 26 June): $49



You can buy the list HERE:    Authority Scrapebox Package#11 is SOLD OUT. Make sure you subscribe here for massive discounts for my future lists (available only for subscribers.)


If you want 40% discount, make sure you subscribe here.


Only 30 global copies will be sold. For any questions regarding scrapebox or my packages: admin ‘@’scrapeboxautoapprovelists (.) com

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