Alaltaieri’s Scrapebox Auto Approve List – 22 August



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This is August List.

It’s more powerful than July list with more links and more unique domains. A lot of domains are fresh,unspamed with only few comments posted.

IMPORTANT: I will not sell 50 copies anymore. The list will be sold to only 40 persons

This is what you will get:

130.471 urls from 2853 UNIQUE DOMAINS

Domains PR Break Down:

1 X PR8
13 X PR6
37 X PR5
122 X PR4
315 X PR3
415 X PR2
469 X PR1

Most of them are Word Press. There are also over 1630 Blog Engine urls from 86 domains. BE blogs are generally dofollow. So a part of those 1630 BE urls are dofollow. Also you can find few wordpress dofollow urls in the list. Probably 1%. The list also contain few Movable Type and B2Evolution blogs.

Price is only $39 Payment – paypal ( automatic download after payment)


For those who already bought any of my scrapebox autoapprove lists the price is only $29. You just need to use the code that you received in your paypal email that you used to buy my previous list.

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